The Winter Olympics is an international sporting event that hosts different types of sports.

In 2010, the Winter Olympics took place from the 12th to the 28th of February. It was held in Vancouver, a major city in the western Canadian province of British Columbia. The event brought together around 2500 competitors from 82 different countries to take part in 86 sports events that covered 15 disciplines.


Vancouver hosted most of the events, but the neighbouring region of Whistler was also involved, mainly for non-sporting venues. Richmond also got to host some activities. In total, the event used ten distinguished venues, seven in Vancouver and the other three in Whistler.

Some of the venues used for the various events included:

  • BC Place Stadium

This was the main location for most events. It is here that both the opening and rear end ceremonies of the year’s Olympics were held. The venue had to undergo a lot of renovations to achieve the required standards and enable Canada to convince the world. All the works that were done in these preparations amounted to 150 Million Canadian Dollars. It here that the Winter Olympics witnessed its first indoor opening event.

  • Pacific Coliseum
  • Richmond Olympic Oval

The Oval also offered a unique taste to the Winter Olympics in that it was a venue at a sea-level height.

  • Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Centre
  • Cypress Mountain
  • UBC Winter Sports Centre
  • GM Place

This is another venue that had to undergo several changes to fit Olympic hosting. As the Olympics do not allow corporate sponsorship, it had to change its name temporarily to ‘Canada Hockey Place.’ Corporate branding had to be removed as part of the preparations for the ice hockey venue.

  • Whistler Sliding Centre

This venue, touted as the fastest sliding surface, caused a lot of safety concern and had to receive some structural changes to give assurance of safety.

  • Whistler Olympic Park

During the Olympic events that were previously held at home, Canada had never won a gold medal. In the 2010 winter Olympics, the host country managed to win the first gold medal in day 2 of the event. They went on to the top of the medal standings as the games neared their close.

They finished with 14 gold medals. This was the highest number of gold medals to be won by a nation in one winter Olympic competition. They broke a record which was set in 1976 by the Soviet Union and Norway 2002 who both had 13 gold medals. The United States of America won a total of 37 medals in the winter Olympics breaking a record previously held by Germany in 2002 with a total of 36 medals.

The decor in Canada’s venues was widely criticized as lacking in creativity.