If there is one event that will always be on Canadians’ minds, it must be the 2010 Winter Olympics. The competition, held in British Columbia showed the country’s resilience and ability to operate even in situations when it was being continuously called upon to quit. The world may not say so much about this Olympics in comparison to other editions but, given the conditions it faced, the country did its best.

And for that reason, Canada should be jolly proud. This site has been created to celebrate that pride and make sure that the good memories never fade away from the Winter Olympics discussions. There are several sections to achieve this.

History of the Winter Olympics

To fully appreciate the role of Canada in hosting the 2010 event, it is important to understand the backdrop against which the event was held. This section looks at the development and evolution of the Winter Olympics over the years.

It looks at the growth in the number of disciplines and an increase in the number of participants, which helps to explain many of the competitors that Canada 2010 was able to take on board. In this section, different conditions that led to the suspension of the Olympians over the years are discussed. This helps in appreciation of Canada’s push in 2010 despite a looming depression and climate change.

Overview of the 2010 Winter Olympics

For those who may have scant or no information about the 2010 Winter Olympics, this section is more than enough to fill them in. It puts into perspective the organization of the competition and its place in the story of Winter Competitions.

This is the section where the dates of the competition, the number of disciplines and the countries that took part are discussed. It also mentions the different decorations that the participants in the edition received. The 2010 Winter Olympics was also one of several firsts. It is here that the opening ceremony was for the first time ever conducted in an indoor arena, for instance. All these and more in the overview section.

2010 Winter Olympics Venues

The Western province of British Columbia hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. This gave a chance for Vancouver to shine and spread some of this glitter to Whistler and Richmond. This section discusses in detail the ten venues that were used to host various events.

A lot of adjustments had to be made to make these venues suitable, some so remarkable that they became news by themselves. The BC Place, for instance, ate up around C$150 million to achieve a status where it could host the inaugural and closing ceremonies. The sea-level height venue, the Richmond Oval offered such a special rarity to winter competitions that it remains mentionable.

GM Place had to change its name and remove some of the existing brandings to satisfy the standard of no-corporate-branding. The Whistler Sliding Center had a lot of safety concerns and had to take up a few renovations too.

Canadian Medallists at the 2010 Winter Olympics

Canada has hosted three Olympic events, but the 2010 edition was its most successful on the medal front. It is here that the country won its very first gold medal, so that’s something! The country also set the record for the highest number of gold medals won by a host country.

Explore this section to understand who the special athletes that brought so much honour to Canada on home soil, as well as the specific wins in various disciplines were.

God memories are to be archived and revisited often. Canada made so many of those at the 2010 Winter Olympics, and this site is the ideal archive for them. Welcome!